The general terms are a part of the car rental contract, signed by the AdriaCar d.o.o. Company (henceforth Adria Car) and the renter.
The general terms are valid for all kinds of contractual relationships between Adria Car and third persons. Both parties confirm the validity of the general terms by signing the rental contract. By signing the contract, both parties confirm they are fully acquainted with the rental terms and conditions and that they accept them.


  1. The rented vehicle may be driven by:
    • Only persons over 21 who have been in possession of a valid driving license for at least 2 years
    • By the persons who are mentioned as drivers in the rental contract
  2. The rented vehicle shall under no circumstances be used or driven under the following conditions or for the following purposes:
    • The vehicle shall not be driven by persons that are not mentioned in the rental contract
    • The vehicle shall not be used for transportation of people, things or goods with the intention of gaining profit
    • In any race, speed test or contest
    • To propel or tow any other vehicle or object
    • By any person while under the influence of alcohol, barbiturates, narcotics, hallucinatory or other drugs
    • While the vehicle is in unroadworthy condition which the renter is aware of
    • In case the vehicle is overloaded or overburdened
    • Outside of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd category roads
    • In violation of traffic and other regulations of the country or state that the vehicle is at the time located in
    • For subletting to a third party that is not mentioned in the rental contract
    • For any kind of use that is in violation of the law, or of the purpose for which the rental contract has been signed


The rented vehicle is delivered and picked up or returned during the office’s opening hours every day, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. till 22 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. till 22 p.m., or outside opening hours according to the official price list. The renter picks up the vehicle with all the accompanying equipment and the vehicle’s documents, which the renter is fully responsible for. In case of loss, theft or destruction, the renter is obliged to cover the expenses of the manufacturing of new documents.

The renter is obliged to return the vehicle with all the accompanying equipment, tires and tools, as stated in the check-out – check-in form.

The minimum duration of rent is one day or 24 hours. A grace period of 59 minutes is allowed after the deadline for returning the vehicle. After this a day’s charge will be made.

In case the renter fails to return the vehicle and does not exetnd the rental or does not notify Adria Car about the reasons for such a failure, Adria Car has the right to appropriate the vehicle from the renter. In such a case the renter is not eligeble to exercise his right of possession, and compensation and possession rights.

The renter is obliged to notify Adria Car of any damage or malfunctions that have occurred during the renting of the vehicle. In the eventuality that Adria Car finds out that certain parts of the rented vehicle have been replaced, damaged or misappropriated, Adria Car is entitled to a full compensation of the cost of reestablishing the vehicle’s original condition. Additionally, the renter will cover the entire shortfall due to Adria Car’s not being able to rent out the car during maintenance and/ or repairs.


The renter is obliged to pay the price of the rent of the vehicle upon signing the rental contract. The price depends on the duration of the rent, the type of rented vehicle and other circumstances.

Payment is possible with credit card or directly onto Adria Car’s bank account. In case of cash payment or payment onto Adria Car’s bank account, Adria Car preauthorizes the renter’s credit card for personal liability insurance.

To ensure personal liability insurance, the renter explicitly allows the reservation of financial means on his debit or credit card for the benefit of Adria Car and agrees to cover the agreed price of the rent from the reserved financial means either partly or fully.

The renter commits to Adria Car that the latter will suffer no losses concerning these terms and conditions and commits to compensate Adria Cars for any eventual damage or loss according to the price list of Adria Cars. The renter also commits to cover possible expenses, such as expenses for the cost of judicial and non-judicial enforcement of rights, lawyers’ fees, insurance, possible appropriation of one or all rented vehicles as well as for any losses as a direct result of a failure to return the rented vehicle on time. According to this contract, Adria Car is not obliged to pay any expenses.

Adria Car can also demand that the renter cover all the costs, compensations or eventual loss of profit, if the renter took insufficient or no action to remedy the legal, technical or economical unroadworthiness or a lessened unroadworthiness of the vehicle.


During the duration of the rental contract, Adria Car and the renter can agree upon an extension of the rental contract. Such an extension is possible no later than 24 hours before the rental expires.

The extension can be arranged in any of Adria Car’s branch offices.


The price of the fuel is not included in the price of the rental. The reservoir of the rented vehicle is full when it is picked up and must also be returned with a full reservoir. In case the reservoir is not full when the vehicle is returned, the renter will cover the cost of refueling as well as of the additional fuel in accordance with the current price list.


Each renter is obliged to take very good care of the rented vehicle: they regularly check the basic elements of the vehicle, the oil level in the engine, the coolant, the condition of the battery, and the pressure in the tires. The renter is obliged to notify Adria Car of any repairs and/ or maintenance work within the duration of the rental and to carry out an appropriate repair or service according to the company’s guidelines or instructions. In case the renter does not acquire an approval for carrying out a car service or a repair, possible costs are not acknowledged by Adria Car. The renter is obliged to cover the costs arising from not respecting this article of the rental contract.


Repairs and maintenance works are allowed only at an authorized service center for a specific car type. In case there is a malfunction on the vehicle, the renter is obliged to notify the nearest Adria Car branch office and must follow the given instructions. In case the renter does not notify Adria Car of malfunctions, the company does not recognize any cost claims on the side of the renter.


All the rented vehicles are delivered with all the necessary documents needed for driving the vehicle. The vehicle license, a copy of the insurance policy, and type approval are handed over to the renter. The original insurance policy is in the company’s office and is available to the renter for insight.


  1. All vehicles that are offered for rental are provided with insurance policies of the following types:
    • Motor vehicle liability insurance
    • Comprehensive insurance and insurance against theft
  2. Regardless of the insurance policies, the renter is required to reimburse Adria Car for any damage to the vehicle during the rental period in the following cases:
    • Damage to the vehicle’s interior, wipers, antennas, and other accessories
    • damage to the chassis, gearbox and clutch, tires, and hubcaps
    • If the driver did not have a valid driving license at the time of the accident
    • Causing damage to the engine in case of negligence and reckless driving
    • Causing damage under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances
    • Causing damage by an unauthorized driver, damage due to improper driving or damage to the vehicle by loaded cargo
    • Damage not reported to the police,
    • In all other cases excluded from the insurance policy.

In case of damage the renter is liable with all his/ her assets; the renter is also obliged to cover all the costs of eventual damage to the vehicle that would exceed the insurance maximum for the individual policies. Cross Border insruance apply 40 EUR vat included when traveling outside Slovenia.

The personal liability of the renter or Excess (deductible) in case of damage to or theft of from 800 € to 2000 €, which depends on the type of vehicle:

GROUP A1 PEUGEOT 108 or similar 800€ 300€
GROUP B FORD FIESTA  or similar 800€ 300€
GROUP B1  VW POLO AUT. or similar 1000€ 450€
GROUP B2 RENAULT CLIO SW or similar 1000€ 450€
GROUP C PEUGEOT 308 or similar 1200€ 600€
GROUP K PEUGEOT PARTNER or similar 1300€ 600€
GROUP E VW PASSAT or similar 2000€ 900€
GROUP H PEUGEOT 5008  or similar 1500€ 700€
GROUP  F PEUGEOT 508SW avt.  Or similar 1500€ 700€
GROUP I PEUGEOT 5008 avt or similar 2000€ 900€

The renter can also choose RCDW (reduced collision damage waiver) or SCDW (super collision damage   waiver), where personal liability is partly or fully reduced.

GROUP A1 PEUGEOT 108 or similar 5€ 10€
GROUP B FORD FIESTA or similar 5€ 10€
GROUP B1 VW POLO aut. or similar 6€ 12€
GROUP B2 REANULT CLIO SW or similar 6€ 12€
GROUP C PEUGEOT 308 or similar 8€ 15€
GROUP K PEUGEOT PARTNER or similar 8€ 15€
GROUP E VW PASSAT or similar 15€ 25€
GROUP H PEUGEOT 5008  or similar 12€ 20€
GROUP F PEUGEOT 508SW avt. Or similar 15€ 25€
GROUP  I PEUGEOT 5008 aut. or similar 15€ 25€

All prices are in EUR. Prices include 22% VAT

All prices are in EUR. Prices include 22% VAT.


In case of an accident the renter is obliged to immediately notify the police and acquire a police report. In all cases the renter is obliged to protect the interests of the Adria Car Company and the insurance agency that has insured the vehicle.

Should the renter not obtain the police report he/ she is obliged to cover all the costs and expenses, which would otherwise befall Adria Car.


Adria car is not responsible for the renter’s, or any third party’s belongings that have been left in or on the rented vehicle or within Adria Car’s offices. The renter expressly refrains from any claim that may result from such belongings having been lost, and any kind of related damage resulting from such a loss.


All violations of road-traffic regulations and consequences of such violations are covered by the renter or the driver at the time of violation. In case of a request by the police or any other misdemeanor authority Adria Car is obliged by law to provide information about the offender.


The provisions of the general terms cannot be changed within the duration of the lease. Employees of Adria Car have the right at any moment to seize the vehicle. Should Adria Car learn that the rented vehicle is not being used according to the terms and conditions, it has the right to appropriate the vehicle immediately.

By signing the general terms the signatory explicitly declares, that he/ she accepts them. In case of disputes, the court in Kranj is responsible for handling the matter.